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Jinan Xinchen Packing Equipment Co,.Ltd, is a professional intergrated service provider of air cushion protective packaging range,have abundant products system in air cushion protective packaging range. Our products mainly include air cushion machine,air cushion packaging system,mini air cushion machine, blown-in pushing system,auto winder system,air cushion films and air cushion packaging production line. Our company is designing,researching,manufacturing and sales service providers in protective packaging field.

After many years of accumulation and innovation,Jinan Xinchen Packing Equipment Co,.Ltd has been formed by PAK1000 industrial grade air cushion machine,PAK200 desktop air cushion machine,PAK100 mini air cushion machine and multi specifications,different thickness air cushion roll films full ranges products. All products meet multi requests of multi level customers. Now our products have been exports to United States, Germany, Britain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Netherlands, Italy, Lithuania, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Australia, India, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong countries and regions.

Jinan Xinchen Packing Equipment Co,.Ltd have focused on providing the best protective packaging solution for our customes with a full line of quality products, on time delivery, competitive pricing and innovative solutions.


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  1. PAK1000 Industrial Air Cushion Machine
  2. PAK280 Mini Air Cushion Machine
  3. PAK200D Desktop Air Cushion Machine
  4. 20CM Width Air Cushion Film
  5. 40CM Width Air Cushion Film
  6. PAK Series Blown-in Pushing System
  7. PAK1000 Machine Automatic Coiling System
  8. Food Application Show
  9. Fragile Application Show